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Deepak Jerry

A Web Developer From India

Being an enthusiastic web developer based in India, I bring a special fusion of expertise in technology and imagination to every project I take on. I'm completely dedicated to my profession and immerse myself in the web development world, looking for fresh approach to create appealing online experiences.

  • Custom Web Development

    We are capable of helping you with creating Custom websites that function flawlessly across all devices and browsers, depending on your business needs from robust functionalities to interactive UI/UX.

  • Theme Development

    I'm highly experienced developer with immense expreince in creating custom WordPress themes from scratch which are optimized for SEO, retina display.We also excel in creating custom themes for WordPress.

  • Support and Maintenance

    You can depend on me to provide ongoing assistance that suits requirements of your business as well as routine website maintenance, bug fixes, and version updates. I'll make sure your website is user-friendly & upto date.


Years of


I'm a Web Developer

Your Vision, My Creation

I'm an enthusiastic web developer who is inspired by the blend of technology and art. Every time I press a key, I start a journey to shape the world of technology. I create attractive, useful websites that constitute more than simply an assembly of lines of code they are doors to engaging stories.


My Projects

User friendly and flexible layouts are the most commonly used methods for creating websites which functions well across all platforms .

Coding is Life

I keep myself updated with latest techstack

The skill of able to adapt and adaptive design approaches need to be perfected in order to create desktop experiences that are truly unmatched.

React Js

My areas of expertise

Most common methods for designing websites that work well on desktop is responsive and adaptive design

  • Website Designing

    Starts from $199

    A website design service develops the appearance, framework, and features of a website. Understanding both footage design and freelance website design in India will be required for the employment. On the internet, we offer the most outstanding freelance service. Website development and design using Html,CSS,JS and Bootstrap.

    Offering solutions for cost-effective website creation in India.

    Make sure every detail on the website accurately represents your business. Companies in the modern world therefore require corporate website redesign services. They assist in maintaining your online business current and appealing. Whenever you need to update a website, that you can maximize your company's potential and increase revenue.

    The effectiveness of your online business hinges on the quality of our website design.

    In India , creating a dynamic website was more time-consuming and challenging than building a static one. The appearance of the website and what it contains have nothing to do with one another. All the data is stored in a database. The information in the database keeps text, numbers, and graphics in separate locations so that they can only be combined when requested to be demonstrated on a website. As a result, you can offer the user with specific information and allow them to modify the material to meet their needs. In Delhi, India, we create the most successful dynamic websites for our clients.

  • Web Development

    Starts from $299

    Nowadays All website owners should begin knowing that unless visitors have a positive experience while on their website, they are often inclined to leave looking for a better option. There is a demand for the top website developer in India, who is able to bring in and hold on to clients.

    Web Development in India.

    Many more individuals now own and utilize mobile devices like tablets and smartphones than there were only a few years ago. Businesses must therefore ensure that their websites are responsive. The process of developing a website has changed from the past due to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. Using the phone to interact with websites is distinct from doing it on a desktop computer monitor. As a result, today's website designers prioritize creating user-friendly websites.

    Utilizes cutting-edge tools and modern technology.

    A company nowadays, with such sophisticated technology, needs to have a website. Any firm should be online since it offers so many prospects for expansion. There is no need to search any further for a responsive and stylish website design and development firm in India. If so, you've arrived at the ideal location. A company's website also enables it to access a global audience and attract additional clients. To draw visitors to your website and convert them into customers, it must be dynamic and visually pleasing. Making a website user-friendly on a variety of devices is important when creating one.

  • WordPress Development

    Starts from $299

    I provide consumers with full WordPress Developer in India Service, website design and enhancement solutions. WordPress has become the CMS solution which is widely utilized for both blogging and Web development.

    Wordpress Developer in India

    You can ensure that your blog on WordPress functions properly by collaborating alongside our India WordPress web design firm. has been effectively offering WordPress website upkeep services in India for a long time as a company that creates WordPress websites in Delhi NCR. In order to better meet client needs, it is also constantly learning new things. Our WordPress experts have completed and delivered to our clients more than 260 bespoke WordPress development projects.

    Efficient content management is a crucial aspect of the WordPress platform as well.

    When it comes to content management, it's dependable and simple to use. Furthermore, this system could be compatible with other critical company applications. In order to achieve a seamless workflow across several apps, our WordPress development steadfast in India takes seriously the incorporation of WordPress with other crucial business software. The addition of user authentication, a crucial security feature, is simple with WordPress. Giving various users varied roles improves the platform's security and collaboration capabilities.

  • Website Maintenance Services

    Starts from $199

    The website needs to be continuously improved, altered, upgraded, and maintained to avoid seeming dated. Without regular and consistent modifications, the layout of your site breaks down into a static giveaway, which is detrimental to the evolving and dynamic nature of your company.

    Website Maintenance Services in India

    Use the most popular website maintenance firm in India which provides round-the-clock technological help, and keeps your site updated.

    Secure and reliable web maintenance services available in India.

    Website maintenance business deepakjerry.com is situated in India. They assist companies and sectors in keeping their websites current with the ever evolving technological world. On the other together, we approach website repair and maintenance from the perspective of the client. We perform a wide range of tasks, including speedy bug fixes, software upgrade installations, security upgrades, fundamental web essentials, SSL certification, and easing loading challenges.

    What purpose does maintaining your website serve?.

    The majority of businesses dislike updating their websites frequently and are unaware of how crucial it is to do so. Their clients, many of who may become long-term customers, struggle with a poor first impression. You will ultimately save money if you utilize India professionals like us. You can make sure you have the most appropriate copies by maintaining your website. You can skip the backup step if you update your website frequently. Having a backup is a fundamental step towards moving forward in the future.


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Most common methods for designing websites that work well on desktop is responsive and adaptive design

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